what is 11:11?

The Symbol of 11:11 is to remember who you are.

Your belief system: your integrity. Shine it so bright that the negativity can still be felt and also left alone as you continue on your journey learning life’s lessons.

What are you trying to manifest into your own reality? You are the creator. Take ownership of letting go of what does not serve you and also taking ownership that whatever you are manifesting might not be best, but you are the producer of your own reality, so choose your intentions wisely.

You are what you attract.

What are you trying to attract? Put all your attention on what you desire instead of what you fear and your angels will continue to reward you.

Calling all the angels!

The Divine Synchronicity:

During this time, we must become masters of ourselves, instead of succumbing to the negativity around us. Center yourself with balanced movement, free yourself through endorphin release and find confidence within yourself as you transform your mind and body in synchronization. We use musicality to synchronize our practice to the patterns within each song. Utilizing the power of combined energy to bring about transformation, release and intention.

This practice is done with positive intention to attract your current goals and let go of what does not serve you with new rejuvenated energy.

Creating a time for yourself for personal, healthy and mental release to balance and refresh your mind, your body and your soul.

11 Poses, 4 Cardio bursts, 7 Chakra openers= 11, with the entire class as a palindrome.

This is why we are 11:11.

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