What credentials do I need to get 11:11 The Practice by Tara Jae Certified?

You MUST have 2 years of a solid yoga practice, an active RYT200 or 2 years as a fitness or dance educator with a written letter of recommendation from a current RYT200. Look, we dig you, but we don’t want people signing up unprepared. This is a YOGA practice. We value the more traditional lineages and their history. We decided to spin that into a current methodology, but the principals are still important. We need to make sure our instructors represent the practice with respect and understanding, as well as, an appreciation for the many variations and inspirations that came before us.

What happens if I do not pass the certification on site?

If you do not pass on site you can set up a live appointment with a trainer when you are ready to re-test. We can give feedback and work with you as much as possible to get you to your goals as a leader and instructor. If we do not feel it is a good fit, we will be open and honest with you. We are not trying to waste your time and energy. Some people might have to live demo several times before a passing approval is granted. We do this for YOU and for the integrity of the brand. Save the drama for someone other than your momma (because mom’s rock).

What physical movements must I be able to execute in order to pass on site?

You MUST be able to execute a proper sun salutation with proper form. This includes: Chaturanga Dandasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Bhujangasana, Utkatasana and Prasarita Padottanasana. You will receive a private link with online practice content 3 weeks to one month prior to training in order to prepare. We want to set you up for success.

What are some of the most important elements you look for in deciding your acceptance into the program?

Experience, form, eagerness, dedication and loyalty. We also take into consideration your personality type, saturation in the area, your history as an instructor, the overall studio/individual brand and your potential motives for certification. We take our application process very seriously. We want everyone who represents our brand to lead by example with positive and honest intentions.

Where can I find a class near me?

Check out our online class finder to find instructors and contact information in your state.

What type of yoga is this?

We are a FITNESS YOGA METHODOLOGY. When choosing a track, you can decide with type of yoga you are aiming to execute. We have the utmost respect for the yoga lineages that have been practicing for thousands of years. We encourage our students and teachers alike to continue their practice within these multiple formats. We want to make yoga more accessible to athletes and those wanting to really tap into a fitness regime while also gaining the benefits of yoga that might otherwise not ever be discovered.

What if I have never taught but only want the certification to expand my practice and not teach?

If your goal is to certify for knowledge and not to educate, you can list that on your application and not partake in the “demo” process. You will simply attend. No, critique, demos, exams or continuing education / Instructor Access will be granted prior to training regardless of your ability to do so. This option is the same price as the full instructor process, as you are taking a space in the training.

How many days is the training? What Do I need to bring?

Each variation is 4 days from 8:30AM until 6:30PM of physical practice with a trainer.  You should come prepared with food, snacks,water, a pen/highlighter, several changes of clothing, warm layers in case of air conditioning and potential seating, cushion or body pillow.

How quickly will I hear after my application has been submitted?

We actually read your stuff, ALL THE STUFF.  So please be patient. Once your application is submitted we will respond between 1-4 weeks depending on how early the application is submitted.

If I apply and not accepted or put on a waitlist, do I get my money back for my application fee?

Unfortunately, all application fees are non refundable. It takes time to read and check in on every applicant. Please be sure to note this prior to applying. We do not want people signing up impulsively with little to no experience. We want to set you up for success. If an area is over saturated you may be accepted but placed on a waitlist. This is setup to ensure you won’t be one of 300 hundred in one month.  We also do not want everyone who shows up to pass just or coming. We value our product and our brand. Even if we ask you to work a little harder, it is all done to make sure you are ready to represent yourself to the highest standard.   

Can I certify once and not renew my instructor title?

Nope.  After your initial certification you must renew your active instructors status for $121 per year (11x11).  When active, your name, state and information will appear on the “Find a Class” section of the website. If not, you will not be listed as a qualified or active instructor, which is kind of lame of you to miss out on the opportunity for continuing education, manual updates and exclusive instructor perks…Plus it’s not allowed so,  there’s that.

If I am accepted into the program and do not pass, do I get a refund for my certification?

No, sorry. Reading all the applications and deciding on acceptance takes time and resources. We want to make sure that those applying for the certification are serious about the practice and our brand standards. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED FOR THE APPLICATION FEE.

If I am accepted into the program, does my application fee get deducted from my total balance?

YES! Once accepted your new balance will reflect the deduction of the application fee.

What are the variations of 11:11 in order? What is the hat color associated with each?

Level 1- 11:11 The Practice by Tara Jae  4 days $1100.11- Grey

Level 3- 11:11 The Hangover/ 11:11 Rookie/ 11:11 Swift  4 days $1100.11- Green

Level 5- 11:11 200HR 4 days $1100.11- Blue

Level 7- 11:11 Heat/11:11 RAD 4 days $1100.11- Red

Level 9- 11:11 Advanced 4 days $1100.11- Black

Level 11- 11:11 ADVANCED 4 days $1100.11 – Black

  • All hats are included in training cost along with manuals and equipment used

Is the annual rendezvous for instructors only?

Yes, the “rendezvous” is held for instructors only. This is a weekend event geared to provide inspiration and information for all active instructors. This is also where we can connect and bond. There will be multiple 11:11 class variations to choose from lead by multiple trainers and Ara’s. Each year we will nominate and choose 3 Ara’s to assist in teaching at events that year including the following year’s rendezvous.

What is an “Ara”? How do you become one?

In order to be nominated as an “Ara” you must complete all the trainings in the 11:11 Practice.

This is what we call the highest designation of instructor which means they have taken every variation of training. Currently I am the only ARA but I will include the description on the page as well as my picture.

“Ara- a Palindrome, is a small constellation that means “the alter” or “beautiful one.” We know the amount of hours and dedication it takes to reach our Level 11 certification. We also know the type of beautiful mind that one must have in order to embrace the creative formatting for our highest level of transitioning and sequencing. It takes dedication and beauty to reach our highest coveted title. Each year we will nominate 11 Ara’s at the end of each annual instructor rendezvous.

When will the other certification or continuing education programs launch?

We will launch more as soon as they are ready. We try not to bullsh*t. When we get the deets sorted, we will post. Stay tuned to our social media handles and instructor login access.

How can I host 11:11 The Practice by Tara Jae at my studio or nearby?

This will be available soon. In the meantime please email Events@practice11.com for early access or information.

I am a student that practices 11:11, can I stream classes?

Due to music licensing, we do not have any live streams yet but HOLD TIGHT HOMIE, we are working on it.

Does Tara Jae offer private lessons herself?

Yes, but exclusively.  For more information please contact her events team at Events@practice11.com

What type of events will be happening soon?

Retreats, Weekend getaways and more are coming soon

Is there a different format for each class variation?

Yes, each palindrome is created differently for each class variation.

Will there be any promotions or special offers I should be aware of?

Be sure to submit your email address for the latest updates. We will only have limited sales per year. We value our product and its worth.  We do not want anyone paying for anything that will be severely discounted the next day. Our mission, our training and our brand are important to us. You will not see blowouts, repeated coupons or promos for this reason.

If I attend a training out of state or country, am I responsible for my own travel and lodging?

Yes, we provide the trainer/materials and the host provides the space.  

If I attend an event out of state or country, am I responsible for my own lodging?

No, unless listed as such. For retreats and weekend getaways the lodging is included but not flights or food unless otherwise stated. Typically your stay and at least one meal will be included. Flights and travel will be at your own discretion unless noted in the description.

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